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Music Fusion

We're delighted to have MusicFusion as part of Icebreaker Festival 2019.

Music Fusion are a young person's charity based in Havant. Since 2008, they have helped over 30,000 young people. They work across a diverse range of musical genres and help young people make the music they want, on their terms.

Music Fusion specialise in working with young people facing challenging life circumstances. These can include mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, suicide attempts, drugs, criminal activity or abusive relationships.

Working at the pace of the individual they help build confidence, self-esteem, communication skills as well as a sense of perspective and resilience. They provide a safe, fun, non-judgemental environment where each young person can be themselves and are treated with respect.

For more info, they will be at The Kings Pub Ticket Office over this weekend.

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