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Second set of artists confirmed for Icebreaker Festival Summer 2022

Stepping up to the plate after the first taste of announcements are a fine eclectic mix of acts plucked from the local and abroad pantry of talent. The Icebreaker team are delighted to announce the second set of acts for the first ever Summer edition of the festival.

The South Coast Ghosts will return after stealing hearts in their premier Icebreaker, heroically accepting a last minute slot due to an unforeseen line-up change. Some members of the Ghosts were spotted early in the afternoon for a few quick collaborations at the No Requests stage where punters were spilling into the street. Later they were joined by the rest of their all-star studded ensemble for their set in The Vaults to a capped capacity crowd. You will undoubtedly recognize members of the 9-piece funky hip-hop collective from other acts throughout the day (yet to be announced).

Unashamed Icebreaker veteran and favourite Tom Bryan returns as perhaps the only artist to play every Icebreaker since its humble existence. Maybe one day Tom will catch a break. Until then you can catch the charming bare-foot loop virtuoso once again for some fun folky beats on the streets of Southsea.


Happy Science, HAWXX, Wearemarch, THE ACTIONS, EvangelineMusic, Tash Hills, Helestios, Taia Thompson, Helio (HERAHERA) Luna Blue, Maple Sky, Sculpt, DD Allen, James Joe, Sywren, LUAN MEI, In Parallels, Firewoodisland, Serenades, BLUE HARVEST, Young Pretorians, Emilie Lierre and The Day Of The Rabblement will be joining the line-up among many yet to be named acts which are surely going to contribute to some difficult choices on Clashfinder.

Keep an eye out for more content and information to be released on social media or the festival news section.

Tickets on sale now for £15 here.

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