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The Paul Dillon band announce Icebreaker Festival appearance as their last

The Paul Dillon band have today announced that their performance at Icebreaker Festival 2018 will be the last. The sad news came from their facebook page and says..

"’s with great sadness and also great excitement that I’m announcing that Icebreaker will be the last time I play with my’s been something I’ve loved doing and something I’ll always hold dear but I just can’t commit to it and want to concentrate on work and family life more...I’ll be still doing solo gigs here and there and will soon be starting a new project that may or may not go on to be something but as for The Paul Dillon Band,Icebreaker will be the last gig.Ive been lucky enough to be given a headline slot so I plan on smashing it to bits one last time and play the record again just one last time.Thanks to anyone who’s shown myself and the lads any sort of support over the last couple of years and anyone who’s come to see us means more than you’ll ever know! Let’s make the last gig a banger!! See you at the front."

The band will take to the stage one last time at The Royal Albert on Friday 2nd February. Tickets available from here.

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